TNA - Shop Floor Problem Tracking

Problem Tracking System for Shop Floor for Process Improvements




TNA, i.e Track-N-Act, is a simple system to Track the Problems / Issues / Hurdles faced on your Shop floor, that are generally recorded on the Status Boards that are normally maintained to record them. TNA will help in recording these problems, classify them based on SQDC for you to take informed action on them and fast-track such issues and help in Innovating Processes and aligning objectives.


The System Philosophy


  • The Customer is directly affected by Shop floor operations
  • Hence, the Operator on the Machine is one of the most Important person to be supported
  • All Support functions Department must support Shop-floor Operations
  • Hence, Tracking of all Problems on the Shop Floor is necessary
  • And taking Informed Action is the best way to monitor issues
  • In the process eliminate repetitive problems & Innovate the processes




TNA adds significant value to the raw data getting generated on the shop floor or even field, to assist in continuous improvements. Some of the inherent advantages would be,,


  • A simple system for Reporting and Record keeping of Problems
  • Helps in Codifying Problems faced during Production
  • Provides Department wise Analysis to take Informed Action
  • Helps in data-centric Process Improvements to help make your processes Lean
  • Standardizing the Reporting for Performance Driven Measurements
  • Global Overview & Dashboard for all to see and take informed action
  • Role based Access rights to department Users

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