Instrument Calibration Management (ICM) software is a comprehensive, easy-to-use solution with the ability to maintain long term, organized, and readily accessible calibration records of all types of instruments in pharmaceutical industry. ICM is built on Nucleus Application Development Platform, a Business Process Modeler, which uniquely combines a powerful Application Development Tool for developing various solutions with a scalable platform to deploy, manage and execute web-based applications across your organization. Document Management made simple!


ICM provides you with the advantages of a strongly built system that will assist you in planning, scheduling, executing and maintaining instrument calibration records. It is simple to deploy and can also be used by your calibration agency to enter the readings as and when they calibrate your instruments.

Why ICM ?


Simplifying your Calibration management activities is the primary objective of  ICM . You may have appointed an outside agency or vendor to perform calibration activities, but you are accountable for the data being maintained. Finally you have to face the Audits! We understand this aspect of your concern and address it methodically.

ICM is Easy to Deploy
ICM Web Client allows you to implement a zero footprint, web-based application that can be accessed by using Internet Explorer® or any similar Browser, thus eliminating the need to install software on the client side. While ICM Web Client manages the user interface, the application logic and data management are handled by ICM Server. This simplifies deployment of the system and reduces the time and effort required to validate the solution in a regulated environment.

What will ICM do for you?


  • It will maintain a list of all Instruments in the plant based on a three level Plant structure
  • Define the various categories or Types of Instruments
  • Maintain standard information for every Instrument Type, like Parameters and the Ranges for every Parameter
  • You can also calibrate Instruments with Multiple Parameters
  • Maintain information about all Master Calibration Instruments and their Certificates
  • Validate all Master Certificates and SOP's before using them for a Calibration Job
  • Schedule the Calibration for every Instrument based on its Calibration frequency
  • Help you to execute every Calibration task with pre-determined validation parameters so as to eliminate human errors
  • Will decide the correctness of Calibration based on set Acceptable criteria
  • Calibration Certificate printing is provided for every Type of Instrument
  • Various reports covering Instrument List, Instrument History, Due Instruments List
  • Calibration History, Calibration Skipped History, Master Calibration Planner, is provided
  • Access is limited to Authorized Users defined by Security Access Control
  • Unique Username and Password are maintained for every user
  • An Administration Panel is provided to the Administrator for 'user’ and 'access control' management
  • Time stamps are recorded against each and every change anywhere In the system
  • Maintains an Audit trail
  • A log of every operation in the software is maintained
  • Covers all aspects of 21 CFR Part 11

Compliance Management


Instrument Management & Calibration Scheduling

ICM maintains an instrument database allowing you to add, delete or deactivate an instrument. The ICM instrument database provides a full, interactive instrument list for the whole Plant. The System manages the scheduling of calibration events for all of the instruments entered into the instrument database and records all results, including a record as to whether the instrument passed or failed the calibration.

Maintain Authentic Calibration Procedures

ICM can be used to authenticate calibration procedures through the creation of specific calibration methods.


ICM Benefits:



Ensures the integrity of the data that is entered

Ensures that the calibration procedure is followed exactly as defined

Provides thorough documentation of instrument calibrations

Reduces the cost of documenting calibration results



As a calibration management solution, ICM simplifies the documentation, data recording and scheduling activities associated with instrument calibration.







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