Implementation Methodology


Werardt understands that the success of its products lies in the initial efforts taken by the customers in setting up their systems. Werardt hence specializes in offering quality deployment services to its customers so that the solution offered to them succeed in their set objectives.


Werardt applies a 5 fold Implementation plan to make this happen

  • Awareness
    Understanding Business and Identifying Concerns
  • BP Opt
    Business Process Optimization
  • Quantification
    Operational Implementation
  • Benchmarking
    Devising Measurement Parameters
  • Performance Review
    Post Implementation Review


The implementation plan that has evolved over the years makes it possible to deploy most of these systems within 3 to 5 weeks from Installation. Werardt is confident that its practically developed plan of Implementation, if adhered to, will definitely help in a successful implementation


Solutions that are Simple to use and Simple to deploy 

Customer Care


At Werardt we want to make sure that you get the most out of our products by offering high levels of support from day one.


Our Support Methodology


  • A Separate dedicated team is constantly available for support throughout the year. This will consist of two teams at our end, A front-end Support team, handling your queries regarding any operational issues, and a Backend Development and Functional team offering their services in case of any Offline issue or in case of any Upgrade requirements.
  • Support will be available over telephone and email for resolving your concerns and guiding you for the solution, helping in case of any functional query and recording User Suggestions.
  • In case required we would use a VPN connectivity to resolve the problem from our office using a secure connectivity tool. This facility to access your application on one of your PC's or Server, would be based on certain access protocols under your control.
  • In case required by you, and with your help, we would Co-ordinate with your hardware vendor in case of any hardware dependant issues.





Werardt offers a full range of training programs that enable you to utilize and administer our products for now and in the future. In addition to our programs, we also offer on-premise training that can be customized to specific needs.


What to Expect


Our training programs are the best places to learn about our ERP, CMMS, SFA … and so on. Our instructors are domain experts with extensive backgrounds in mentoring and training. Our teaching methods combine informative lectures and case studies to appeal to the attending audience.