Industry 4.0 Services

The Industry 4.0 Platform to Achieve Predictive Analytics

Industry 4.0

With the advent of the 4th Industrial Revolution i.e. Industry 4.0, Werardt now offers a collaborative platform that can be coupled with its FTM Plant Maintenance System to achieve Maintenance 4.0.

Based on these concepts of Digitization, Digitalization & Digital Intelligence we are now offering a Maintenance 4.0 Platform to achieve Condition Based Maintenance using Edge Computing, Predictive Analytics and later Prescriptive Analytics.

Industry 4.0

What do we want to Achieve?

  • Data-Driven Operations – Taking Gut Instinct out of Decision Making
  • Integrating Operations data with Real Time Monitoring
  • Bringing IoT to the Shop Floor – Source, Connect, Collect, Analyze, Act
  • Smart Condition Monitoring using Wireless Technology
  • Remaining Useful Life Prediction
  • Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning for Smarter Reliability
  • Using Remote Condition Monitoring of Assets
  • Artificial Intelligence and IIoT for Predictive Maintenance
  • A Neural Network Approach to Equipment Health Prediction
  • IoT-Enabled Approach to Improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness
  • And finally Skills and Training deployment based on in-house assessment and work history

Our InfraLinkIT Platform that will be used

Industry 4.0


  • Knowledge Management
  • Skill Development
  • Maintenance 4.0
  • Remote Diagnostics

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